Name:Takashi Yoshinaga

 The field of my research is development of visualization system using AR/VR technology. I'm undertaking a study on application of these technology to support rehabilitation, echography and some kinds of instruction.

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【Personal History】
3 Apr. 1981
Born in Chiba, Japan
Mar. 2005
Graduated Department of Applied Chemistry, Saitama University, Japan
Mar. 2007
Received Master's(Engineering) degree from Graduate school of Saitama University, Japan
Mar. 2010
Received Ph.D.(Engineering) degree from Graduate school of BASE, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan
Apr. 2010
Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan.
Oct. 2010
Researcher, Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT), Japan.

What's New

10.Apr.2016 I've been to UOC (in Barcelona) for research stay. Interview
20.Nov.2015 Our wearable human sensing system was demonstrated in exhibits of SC15.
04.Feb.2014 I was listed as a metaio certified developer.
05.Dec.2013 I talked about wearable motion capture in the special session of ViEW2013
03.Jun.2013 I won Best Poster Award in NICOGRAPH International 2013.